For artists only! How to upload your songs on music site ORIN


    Orin is an amazing music streaming site that offers you an infinite number of the best Nigerian songs and videos according to your mood.
    This is how to upload songs on ORIN as an artist:
    Step 1 – Create an account as an individual user.
    Step 2 – Send a mail to [email protected], requesting for an artist account and include the following information in the mail; The name of the account you created, Stage name, Short bio, twitter handle, facebook page and location.
    Step 3 – Once our admin receives the mail, your initially created account will be converted to an artist account.
    Step 4 – Sign in or refresh the page after 30 minutes and click on your profile at the top-right corner to see upload track option and start uploading you song.
    The normal business model of a content streaming service is to charge users a one-off signup fee or a monthly subscription in exchange for access to its content library. Orin understands that such a model or any model that requires direct consumer payment is very unlikely to catch on in Nigeria anytime soon and it sidesteps this pitfall entirely by monetizing the whole platform in a way which betrays what it actually is underneath the cover of a music and video streaming service.
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