Beware of the kind of people you let into your life – Emma Ugolee writes


    Emma Ugolee.
    Trying to walk into some banks, airports, embassies. We get scanned by detector door ways, devices, machines and even physical hands.
    The objective? They would not let you in with anything they consider harmful to them. So while your hard comb or soft towel may pass you through, your sharp knife keeps you out.
    This detailed sifting of content to deny access to potentially harmful individuals is something most of us might need to take a little more seriously.
    O sure! None of us has a single perfect friend and so many who have gained access into our lives come with some not so desirable content but that. ‘Nobody is perfect’ line should not create limitless accommodation for Mr All&sundry in our private space For picking romance or business partners & friends, do not set unrealistic standards but please have those objects/qualities that can not be brought into your life.
    Personally, I have friends who can’t keep their mouths shut & i know that sometimes even the guilty hurt for being that uncontrolled with speech and I can let you in and manage your weaknesss but (to the best of my knowledge) I have no FRIEND who has no issues with sleeping with another man’s wife or being diabolic.
    If she’s nice to your mother and manages your finances well, bros please don’t give that ring if her private part is in the public stock market. He is funny, he loves children, he works hard but please deny access if he is a woman basher.
    Do not let likeable qualities close your eyes to seriously wrong ones. You won’t gain access into a plane because your hand gun is buried in the midst of adorable baby toys. For the gun alone, you stay out.
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