‘Can love survive where there is no money?’- Relationship expert, Bosun Bankole


    While I was a teenager, we had a neighbor whose wife was troublesome. She has a small stature, and if you do not live in the same house with her, you would never know she is capable of the unbelievable things she does. She can lock out her husband for the whole night when she is in one of her moods. She could also upturn all the chairs in their living room and insist that no one sits on it. But, her happy days are the first few days of the month when her husband has just received his salary. She becomes a different person entirely. She smiles at everyone and even sits outside with her husband at night to chat. You need not be a genius to know that most of the issues in their marriage borders on the lack of money.
    This couple taught me early never to disregard the importance of money in a family. Most marriages will be less complicated if the basic needs of the home are met. Beyond addressing the needs of the family, conflicts should be expected when two people with different personalities, goals and backgrounds come together under one checkbook. Also, very few women can remain happy, warm and cooperating in the face of lack.
    If your relationship has marriage in view, you need to start discussing family finance in preparation for the future. Talk about investments, financial planning, and financial discipline. Do not assume that you share the same economic values, ask your spouse about his/her financial beliefs and ascertain it matches with yours.
    Find out if he/she has some existing debts to clear because debts from your spouse’s past will become a shared burden once you get married. Ask about tithing if you are a Christian. Ask about the depth of commitment your …Read More

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