Give birth to new baby and get N50 000, twins N100 000; Meet Pastor Fufeyin, the man behind the initiative


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    Lets meet you sir?
    I am Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, by the special grace of God. God called me.
    My mother told me that when I was young, I was prophesying to my her about everything happening in the village. Two, three days, the prophesy must come to pass and I will call the names of the person (s) or situation involved. It could be an accident, death or anything.

    My mother would blindfold, tie and beat me up calling me a wizard. I was 10 at that time. But because of the beating, I was afraid to tell her anything, so I stopped.

    I could remember that at times, when she wants to go to the market, she was selling some provision then, I will tell her, ‘as you are going, you will not sell anything!’ when mama gets to the market, she will not sell anything. Some other times, I will tell her that she will sell very well and she would. Market was an interval of seven days. These things were happening, whenever she wants to go to the market she will come and bribe me to ask what would happen, I will still tell her. One day, I told her that she will not sell and she needed money then, my mother now concluded that I was a real wizard and she gave me the beating of my life. My parents had misunderstanding because of this because my father said that all I have been saying were right, why would I be branded a wizard? Because of the beating,I stopped prophesying for a long time. Not knowing that the grace is in me but where to now tap and expand it is not there. I come from a Catholic background. My grandfather who brought Catholic …Read More

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