‘From helper to suspect in a homicide case. 96 hours in hell’ – Student shares experience following Rivers state CJ’s son’s drowning


    The Rivers state Chief Judge’s son Wariebi Abiri, a Law student, unfortunately drowned in a swimming pool at a hotel in Abuja on Friday August 19th as students gathered to celebrated the end of lectures for the year. Apparently some students who were around when the incident happened were locked up for days, one of them however blogged about it. He shared his story which he titled ‘From helper to suspect in a homicide case. 96 hours in hell’ which he shared medium.com/@Ruud_bishop

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    Friday 19th of August 2016 changed my life totally. I had an experience that I never imagined possible.
    Students of the Nigerian Law School in Bar Part I, have just finished lectures for the year and different people felt the need to gather and celebrate this.
    The events that followed are better imagined than being the reality of anyone. I arrived the venue, a hotel across the Law School, at about 8pm and met a few students having drinks and food around the premises. I went into a friend’s room to rest and charge my phone.
    A while later, I came down to speak to a few people and exchange pleasantries. People were dancing and discussing in small groups. The whole thing started winding down at about 11:30pm, as most people had to return to the law school premises before the 12am curfew.
    Most people who remained in the premises were chatting close to the gate and watching some people play games of table tennis close to the gate. At about 2am or so, there was a loud scream that someone was in the pool. Everyone turned and was wondering …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog