In the throes of scarcity and poverty


By Chioma Obinna

I admire the spirit of Nigerians. They have the tendency of suffering and smiling no matter the pains inflicted on them by the powers that be. Nigerians have shown the capacity to withstand pain and poverty in the weirdest circumstances. The ongoing fuel scarcity have shown Nigerians can withstand anything. I only wonder if they learn their lessons from the problems they encounter.

How can a people’s government keep lying about everything and the goons of such government keep talking about what we see happening everyday in a manner different from what the people know as if the people don’t have brains or sense? How can our rulers continue to be insensitive to the sufferings of the people.

I am not talking about yuletide . It has nothing to do with it. I’m talking about everything: the poverty everywhere, the scarcity, the inflation, the depression, the…

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