A Drum of Obu Udeozo’s Living Dreams


A Drum of Obu Udeozo’s Living Dreams

By Chukwuma Ajakah

Nigeria’s prolific writer, artist, and clinical psychologist, Obu Udeozo has added an inspiring novel, Living Dreams as a follow-up to his award-winning poetry collections and literary criticism publications.

Known more for his foray in other genres, including painting, the 2006 Winner of The Pat Utomi Book Prize Award for Poetry in Nigeria, debuts into the genre of the novel with Living Dreams, a 326 paged thriller published by Fab Educational Books Ltd (2020).

The novel structured in the similitude of an omnibus narrative has eight books- Book One to Book Eight, which is further subdivided into several parts containing diverse subject matters.

Living Dreams, Obu’s latest addition to “The Third Wave of Nigeria Poets” in the “Gardeners of Dreams Series”, is set in the Federal Republic of Bozrah, a typical albeit imaginary African country, buffeted with the misfortune of being run by a select oligarchic group whose inordinate ambition for power…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper