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Dear Pile Sufferer,

Can I tell you an honest fact?

They lied to you!

They told you the pile can only be managed AND NOT permanently treated.

Then they give you all manner of balms, ointments and cream to rub on your anus that doesn’t work!

The worst part?

You believed them!

But it’s not your fault. Humans tend to give up and believe whatever they are told if they seem to not get the exact result they so desire.

Here is what I mean…

You were told you cannot get a long-lasting solution that will permanently cure your pile.

I know you have tried treating piles, using all sorts of drugs, balms, ointments and cream… You use them.

Your pile seems to disappear. But before you know it, it comes back again.

And now you’re frustrated, in pain and almost on…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper