King Robert and Izonebi the protege


King Robert and Izonebi

By Ekanpou Enewaridideke

KING Robert Ebizimor – a legend legendary for his legendary futurological capability, his legendary embarrassment and disorientation of death, his legendary humanism and undiluted, unstinting love for his protégés/apprentices, particularly that his indescribably appreciative protégé called Aguiyi-Ironsi, later lovingly ‘roberted’ as Izonebi  – is a household name in Ijaw land. His 71-year resonance originated from Angalabiri town in Bayelsa State where he is paternally rooted and Ojobo town in Delta State where he is maternally rooted.

As William Shakespeare and Wole Soyinka are to the world in Literature so is King Robert Ebizimor to the entire Ijaw nation and beyond in music because his like can only be spotted in a century – the music genius whose wise words were philosophically 99 years old when he was only 20 years old in age, though September 25,1943 is the indisputable claimant of his birthday.

The life of King Ebizimor began as a…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper