Safe with God: Meditation for the 4th Sunday after Easter | The Guardian Nigeria News


Princewill O. Ireoba

Our God, who raised the Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd, through whom we have life after death, is most reliable and dependable. In Him and with Him, we are safe, and there is no cause for alarm. He delivers us from evil and does not allow our enemies to devour us.

The world is most unsafe and insecure. Many fearful things happen, both in the spiritual and physical realms, which threaten and endanger our lives and meaningful existence. The situation in Nigeria is even terribly bad and virtually hopeless. Different shades of insecurity and anxiety, such as Boko Haram and killer herdsmen terrorism, kidnapping, fraud, armed robbery, witchcraft, occultism, hunger (food insecurity) and unemployment (job insecurity) are on daily increase.

We seek protection and succour here and there. But unfortunately, many of the things in which we thoughtlessly put faith have proven undependable, such that we have become fearful of putting faith in anything. This is disconcerting….

Source: Guardian Newspaper