Human stump discovered under bridge in Oyo | The Guardian Nigeria News


A human stump was discovered on Saturday under Alapo Bridge, around Alalubosa area of Oyo Town in Oyo State.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that essential parts of the body, like the head, private part, arms and legs had been harvested by unknown persons.

A bit that’s left beyond a healthy joint is called a residual limb, or more commonly, a stump after an amputation.

A resident of the area, who pleaded anonymity, told NAN that the corpse was probably dumped in the area overnight by unsuspected people, saying that it was not there on Friday.

The source said that a pair of bloodstained slippers, supposedly belonging to the victim, was placed beside the body.

“The victim was wrapped in ‘Agbada’ (male native wear) made of lace materials and packed inside a big green nylon sack.

“A closer observation revealed that the victim had a tattoo inscription, ‘Jimoh Ode Aremo’, on the abdomen, which had been opened up,” said the source.

The source urged the state…

Source: Guardian Newspaper