More photos from Buhari and Osinbajo’s inauguration


Nah boy! Aisha’s face be like “Can we finish with this already”. That woman is a warrior and has a place in the future of Nigerian politics, I like her for her integrity. And my Darling Yemi, Oh gosh, I am tripping all over, yes the anonymous above…you are correct and can read people well, that woman is the last woman of virtue remaining in our mother’s them generation. I like her and her modest modest carriage. She is the only diva in the world that has no shakara and ajebutter nonsense about her. Elegant woman, It’s only her face I am seeing in all these pictures and I am a woman at that, not a philandering male or gay woman or something. The Inauguration is colorful, everybody looking good. Even Buhanwa looks strong, Yeah man, may this term bring joy and change to people. Poverty must depart our land. The life of our people shall be better. May God guide President, his vice and all well, Amen.

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Linda Ikeji