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Last week, I wrote a piece titled,” My worry on interstate movement”. In that piece, I expressed my worry and fear over the interstate movement announced by the Presidential Task Force last week. To sum up the piece, I expressed concern over how little value the average Nigerian traveler and transporter places on life. As I said in that piece, ”I must confess that I daily marvel at why a man would choose to kill himself and kill others even when you do all through persuasion and most times even lifting God’s words in both the Holy Bible and Koran to justify the need to stay alive without success.’’ I equally expressed worry over the unwillingness of Nigerian transporters to comply with traffic rules as well as the unwillingness of commutes to play their complimentary roles in the face of the protocols spelt out by the Task Force.

Since there is a penchant for flouting traffic rules and all known rules as enshrined in our traffic books by…

Source: Thisday Newspaper