How Social Unrest Impacted Investors’ Perception in the Equites Market –


Stock market
Stock Market

By Babajide Komolafe


All over the country, affected businesses count their losses in the aftermath of EndSars. As expected, investors would factor in the impact of the protest on company and industry specific basis.  For the equities market, a quick comparison points out that the effects have been neutral with only a negative impact on activity level surfacing as the unrest gained steam.


“Equities market maintained positive performance as investors ignored the violence and unrest in the country and positioned ahead of the release of 3rd quarter earnings. This is greatly reinforced by the current unappealing fixed income yield that push investors to jack up their risk appetite.  Following the bullish trend at the beginning of the month, the ASI advanced by 4.1% in the week prior to the protest. This sentiment was extended to the first week of the protest but at a slower paced as the market gained 0.86% in the first week and 0.14%”, stated Peter Elege,…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper