Toney Placed 13 Bets On Own Clubs To Lose –The FA


Brentford striker, Ivan Toney placed bets on his former club, Newcastle United to lose while still contracted with the club.

The Football Association revealed this in a document that showed verifiable evidence against the England international.


After taking responsibility for 232 violations of the FA’s betting regulations, the Brentford forward was given an eight-month football suspension earlier this month.

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According to Chronicle Live, the FA detailed how many and which games the striker had backed in written explanations for Toney’s suspension on Friday. None of the allegations, according to the commission, were related to matches in which Toney may adversely affect his side.

Between 2017 and 2018 Toney, 27, was discovered to have placed 13 bets against his clubs. 11 of which were against Newcastle while Toney was on loan to another club.

The FA’s statement read: “There were 13 bets on Mr. Toney’s team…

Source: Complete Sports