As Maritime Academy Graduate First Set Of Cadets In Six Years — Leadership Newspaper


On Friday, November 2nd 2018, the maritime Academy of Nigeria Oron, graduated first set of cadets after the federal government set up an interim commitee to restructure the academy. YUSUF BABALOLA writes.

The maritime academy of Nigeria, Oron is the first nautical college in Nigeria. The school when established in the 70’s produced the first and golden generation of seafarers in the country.
At that time, the academy was ranked one of the best in Africa because the cadets produced from the college could compete favourably with their peers in the world.
But, at a point in the history of the academy, the institution lost focus and stated losing relevance among its contemporary both in Africa and the world.
Then, Nigeria cadets could no longer compete favourably with its peers in the world. They also couldn’t meet up the global standard set by the Global Maritime body, International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and other international organisations because they are half baked…

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