Maids dumped outside Beirut embassy


Maids dumped outside Beirut embassy

Some Ethiopian maids have been dumped outside the country’s embassy in Beirut by their employers who can no longer afford to pay their salaries, following the collapse of the Lebanese economy. 


The maids were left to sleep on the pavement of the country’s embassy following the ongoing economic crisis in Lebanon heightened by the Coronavirus pandemic, which also led to Lebanese’s currency losing 70% of its value in the past six months.


DPA news agency reported that there are about 250,000 migrant workers in Lebanon, many of whom are employed by many middle-class households as domestic staff. Telegraph reported that a large proportion of the domestic staff employed by the middle-class households are from Ethiopia, the rest are from other African and Asian countries. 


The first group of 34 women who were dumped by employers outside the embassy were taken into a shelter last week. 


Huson Sayyah, the head of foreign workers at the Beirut charity Caritas…

Source: Linda Ikeji