Subjective poetic analysis of Olamide’s ‘Shakiti Bobo’ – By Tola Bolaji


    By Tola Bolaji

    It is often believed that Nigerians are musical illiterates. We careless about the lyrics of those songs we love so much. We rather prefer rhythm and melody.
    No wonder Project Fame, Nigerian Idol, Naija Got Talent winners rarely make it big in the musical world unless they bend to the tune of the auto-tuned world of Sarz on the beat, It’s Young John the wicked producer or Don Jazzy again.
    Do not forget that RAP is rhythm and poetry. Permit me to refer to this man as a Poet.The Poet opens up with the call to the ‘Wobes’, his cronies. He explains that he has been a victim of some wrong accusations on various electronic media that he is a drug addict with specialty in marijuana and cocaine. He passionately exclaims that success in life is nothing but an insane venture requiring a commitment that demands daily and nightly exertions. He further explained that now that he has found out that the part to success is hard work, he has chosen never to be a fool sitting at the backstage of life.
    Oya ‘Shakiti Bobo’ is a revolutionary call, O awake my brother, fasten your trouser belts and get ready to work hard. To own Ferrari, to drive around in a Bentley posh, to fly to Paris especially in your air-bus requires a mad commitment to do what no other will be sane enough to do.
    In the next stanza, he violently challenges his accusers who attribute his successes to internet fraud (Yahoo Yahoo), he attacks their envious claims as they persistently refuse his apparent right to musical leadership, a product of sweat, tears and blood. He urges them to acknowledge him as the heir to the throne of musical hard work without any iota of dubious practices. He deflects their accusations …Read More

    Source:: The NET