Photos: Man appeals to Kaduna State Governor to help a 6-year-old boy suffering from cancer


    George Onmonya Daniel shared these photos of a boy who suffers from cancer, appealing to the Kaduna State Governor for assistance. According to him, the woman met the Emir of Kano Mohammed Sanusi but he declined to help because of their state of origin (they are from Kaduna State) and instead referred them to Kaduna State Governor, Malam El-Rufai.

    “The cancer ridden 6 year old and his mother whom out of hope and faith, staked out the Emir of Kano, maybe even before the ascension of Mohammed Sanusi. So strong was their belief that indeed, on that faithful day, providence smiled on them and they accessed his royal Highness. All the euphoria died down, when his eminence declined support because of their state of origin. He said they are the responsibility of Kaduna state government.

    Is that the spirit of floreat collegium(Kings college)? How will that influence others to be thy brothers keeper. However, there is good news. St Jude children’s research hospital in Tennessee has accepted to treat 6yr old Isa for free. All that is required currently is 3 return tickets(Isa, mother and accompanying Doctor from nigeria). By our actions and in actions, we shall be judged, herein and most importantly, hereafter.”

    In a later update today, he wrote:

    “I want to appeal to the Kaduna State Governor, in a matter of urgency, to see that this boy is taken to the hospital the United States for free treatment. The hospital in the US has already agreed to that. Please Samuel Aruwan inform the honourable governor. I know of your busy schedules but this is a matter of life and death and great trauma to the family of this little boy. The mother told me that the governor is aware of this …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog