The game has changed… By Reuben Abati (must read)


    Such an interesting article from Reuben Abati. Read below..

    “My brother, I think all the people saying they have not seen any change should by now be convinced that truly, truly, the game has changed.” “Football? Euro 2016? Brexit?” “What is wrong with you?” “Or may be you are talking about the death of Stephen Keshi and Shuaibu Amodu and the fact that Nigeria’s House of Football needs to be re-organized”

    “I really don’t know what the matter is with you today. I always try to engage you in a conversation because I consider you smart, but your responses don’t make sense to me.”

    “Game change. Well. I studied a bit of game theory in school not as a student of political science but as a generally curious student.”

    “Who is talking about game theory?”

    “Game theory is about political marketing, the relation between structure and agents, how power is deployed, structuration, the framework of power, the politics of structural and collective agency.”

    “When you are tired of boring yourself, you will keep quiet. I am just saying the game has changed in Nigeria. I guess that is simple enough so stop quoting text books.”

    “Ha, I get you now. I recall that the former Chairman of the PDP, during the election was snick-named the game-changer. Everywhere he went everyone said game-changer!”

    “If you are dumb, or pretending to be dumb, good for you. I am talking about today’s Nigeria, you are talking about the past. Can’t you see, don’t you hear, don’t you feel it, that indeed, contrary to what we used to think, something indeed has changed…”

    “Tell me.”

    “Me? You mean I, me, myself?”

    “What is …Read More

    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog