Study @ Bournemouth University this September 2016


    Why study in Bournemouth University?

    • You get a degree from one of the top reputable university in the UK that makes you stand out!
    • Affordable School fees
    • Flexible Entry Process

    • Amazing Scholarships up to £3,500 off tuition fee in most courses
    • Offers giving within 24 hours of making application
    • We accept Credit (and above) in WAEC and NECO as English Language requirements for most courses, so you will not need to write an English test.
    • Study in one of the coastal resort cities in the UK.

    Bournemouth University offers a wide variety of Masters Degrees and Bachelor’s degrees and places are still available on postgraduate courses starting in September 2016 in the following areas.

    Available subjects include:
    • Animation and computing
    • Business, Management, HR & Finance
    • Corporate and Mktg. Communication
    • Design and Engineering
    • Environmental Sciences
    • Health and Social care
    • Law
    • Journalism & Media Production
    • Tourism and Hospitality & Events
    • Sports Management

    To find out more kindly visit this link: OR
    Contact our Rep: @ BCIE VI. Ground floor, Megamound Place, 14, Muri Okunola, Victoria Island, Lagos.

    Email Address: [email protected]
    Tel: 01-3427668
    Mobile: 081667111268


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