Slimtea weightloss challenge: Meet Nina


    Last week, we introduced the four beautiful ladies who were randomly selected from the numerous responses we received to participate in the SLIMTEA Weight-Loss Challenge. Meet our first challenger.

    Hi. My name is Nina Nwagha. I am a 400 level Law Student. Growing up, I never had issues with my weight as I have always been a big girl. People try to make fun of my weight but I didn’t let it get to me. However, I have never really been comfortable with my arms and stomach because they are big.

    Iniedo has always been a huge inspiration for me. I eagerly followed her weight-loss story on social media. Personally, I have tried to lose weight with exercises but I gave up when I wasn’t noticing any result. I even drank a few weight-loss teas but the difference wasn’t much. So when I heard about the SLIMTEA weight-loss challenge, I decided to sign up.

    You can imagine my joy when I was told that I was selected. Meeting the other girls who shared similar challenges with me was inspiring. It was easy to get along with them. I am curious about the lifestyle changes I will be making and how much weight I will be losing. But more importantly, I am excited to be sharing my story with everyone via my IG handle @nina_kelly. Hopefully, my story will inspire you.

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    Source:: Linda Ikeji Blog