Photos: 19-yr-old Indian girl rescued after businessman buried her alive for 2 hours over a family property dispute


    A 19-year-old girl, Khushboo
    Khatun, was pulled out from a pit 2 hours after she was buried alive in
    Govindpur village, in Bihar, eastern India. Khatun was on her way home
    from a market when three men reportedly pounced on her and threw her
    into a 3ft deep pit, filled it with earth and left her to die.

    Kushboo didn’t make it home, her father Muhammad Ansari and mother,
    Sanjana began to look for her. Eventually Ansari noticed a nearby pit
    was randomly filled with earth and suspected foul play. He started
    digging and called on other villagers to help. They noticed part of her…

    Linda Ikeji blog