Once upon a time before Buhari


“When it comes to value, no one talks a better game than those in communications. It’s our business, after all. But when it comes to measuring leadership competencies and effectiveness, nothing speaks louder than the bottom line.” Anonymous

The above analogy perfectly fits the Nigerian state under the leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari. Quote me anywhere. I recall in 2015 at the eagle square when he took the oath of office, the famous take away from his speech was “I belong to everybody, and I belong to nobody.”

It is only natural that the country went to town with that phrase forgetting the salient points of his speech. That paragraph in his speech is the basis of the article. Please permit me to reproduce it here.

“At home, we face enormous challenges. Insecurity, pervasive corruption, the hitherto unending and seemingly impossible fuel and power shortages are…

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