In food waste fight, Brits turn bread into beer


At a brewery nestled in rolling farmland in northern England, the process of making beer begins with dropping dozens of unwanted loaf ends, thrown away by a sandwich factory, into a large stainless steel tank.

Add water, hops and yeast, and out comes the unmistakable golden beverage popular the world over.

“We’re essentially substituting part of the malt for bread,” says Alex Balchin, head of the Wold Top Brewery, near Driffield in Yorkshire, of the brew which has no discernible bread-like taste.

The brewery uses some of the tonnes of discarded uneaten bread in Britain to produce beer in support of an initiative fighting food waste — and the idea is being exported around the world.

Behind the concept of Toast Ale is Tristram Stuart, who set up Feedback, an anti-food waste organisation.

He began producing the beverage last year, drawing inspiration from a small Belgian…

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