The price for rape of Agatu


By Dele Sobowale

“Let them hate; as long as they fear.” Lucius Accius, 170-85 BC.

Killer herdsmen have finally grabbed the entire nation by the scrotum. Suddenly, everybody who was deaf, indifferent and callous about the rape of Agatu in 2016 is now talking. Virtually all are hypocrites – from Aso Rock to Government House Makurdi to the traditional rulers who have now been unmasked as the patrons of the murderous herdsmen. Forget the Inspector General of Police, IGP, who recently apologised for regarding the atrocities of the herdsmen as “communal clashes”. It has taken the death of over 150 people in Benue and Taraba states for the nation’s front line security officer to acknowledge that there are bands of killers around called herdsmen. Elsewhere in the world, he would have done the needful for his gross incompetence and negligence which in some ways contributed to…

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