FATHER MADUBUKO: A man of science, conscience


By Fr. George Adimiki

Hardly does a tribute begin with a ‘mea culpa’ yet it is fitting that this begins with a confession of failure and repentance. I must confess our failure as the students of this sage for not getting out his thoughts for the next generation. Thought of this nature is hardly inconsistent with historical reality whereby the ideas of great sages and thinkers were made available to posterity by their students. Plato relative to Socrates is an obvious example.


The only justifiable alibi about the Madubuko’s is that his former students do articulate his thought and theology across the length and breadth of the local Church, which has its foundation in Onitsha, stretching from Mamfe to Nsukka, Calabar through Port Harcourt to Abakaliki. His past students embody his thought and theology; nevertheless, this alibi neither excuses nor suffices.

This effort is only a hymn of gratitude to God from whose grace we have a person so human, priestly and godly as…

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