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Madness lives in this country
Young men and women caught operating a fraudulent fund/finance scheme.

By Ganiu Bamgbose(Ph.D.)

Achebe didn’t know that things were still perfectly in place when he wrote ‘Things Fall Apart’. Even when he wrote ‘There was a Country’ shortly before he died, little did we all know that the country was not at the peak of its madness then. Now we have got there. Anytime from now, this country will metaphorically run into the market.

My problem is not with the talented Laycon or the reality show itself which has the aim of depicting life in exactitude. My problem is not even with the many Nigerians who had/have time to watch the show; after all we relax in different ways. My problem is equally not with the youth who would jump fences and probably resign at their workplaces to partake in the reality show.

My problem is with the government of this country, at all levels, whose moves are hardly calculated in terms of societal effects. Ask them who the winner of the Annual…

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