Throwing eggs at the glass ceiling


2023: Islamic preachers council backs Southern Presidency
2023: Islamic preachers council backs Southern Presidency

By Augusta Nnadi 

THE clamour for more women to get into the leadership space has continued to gain momentum, especially with the increase in feminist agitation. Nigerian women recently secured a victory against the Federal Government on affirmative action that gives them a mandatory 35 percent of public offices. This, obviously was celebrated as a significant win for the female gender, and I agree; but I felt this was putting a plaster over a decaying foot.

Let me explain. Every election year, we see women from all walks of life coming out to contest public offices. One common thing is that more often than not, they play the gender card. Educated, experienced and over-qualified women reduce their worth to campaign on the idea:

“I am a woman”  

“I have done this and that as a woman”  

“I have handled my family and career despite all the challenges, now reward me because I am a woman”  

“I have fought through hell and brimstone and I am a…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper