Bow and lie-lie Senate, By Emmanuel Aziken


The recent decision by FIFA to directly pay Nigerian footballers in the ongoing Women’s World Cup tournament their bonuses must be considered a slap on Nigerians and the independence of the country.

However, for many who consider the FIFA decision as an insult, the brag about sovereignty slips into stupidity after watching the charade officially dubbed the ministerial screening of ministers by the Nigerian Senate.

Indeed, some Nigerians after watching the non-event, would even suggest that FIFA and other international agencies with good governance codes should delve more into our national life.

The confirmation hearings have been laced with crookery to the extent that the Senate can now be officially confirmed as an active collaborator in the debauchery of our national life.

One, many of the nominees with dodgy pasts have been shielded from answering issues about themselves.

Indeed, the Senate officially devalued itself when it came to screening Mallam Nasir…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper