SAP Young Professionals Program evolves to meet Africa’s digital skills demands | The Guardian Nigeria News


JOHANNESBURG, South Africa, September 28, 2021 -/African Media Agency(AMA)/- As survivors of a global crisis, bright young professionals are entering the labour market equipped with new skills, fresh perspective, and boundless energy. 

This is all thanks to a highly successful graduate program driven by SAP and supported by a thriving ecosystem of public and private sector partners and customers.

According to Cathy Smith, Managing Director at SAP Africa, while many educational programs struggled with the complex demands of distance learning during the pandemic, the SAP Young Professionals Program went from strength to strength. 

“By opening our online classrooms to tap into new markets, we were able to attract talented, qualified university graduates who may not have been able to attend classes in-person otherwise. As a result, our customers and partners across Africa have access to a wider pool of qualified SAP consultants who can help drive digital transformation using…

Source: Guardian Newspaper