Truck drivers protest against ‘unfair treatment’ by Obajana mgt | The Guardian Nigeria News


‘They’re angry over anti-theft devices installed on vehicles’

Truck drivers working with Obajana Cement Factory, Kogi State, have been protesting alleged unfair treatment by the management of the company. The protest, which started on Sunday night and spilled over to Monday, led to the blocking of the only access road to Kabba. Motorists were forced to seek alternative routes to their destinations.

Using their trucks to block major entrances to Obajana factory site, the drivers demonstrated despite heavy security presence, demanding the removal of the management over unhealthy industry practices. They accused the management of high turnover of drivers, alleging that some of them lost their jobs on flimsy excuses.

One of the drivers told The Guardian on the sideline of the protest, that the officers had penchant for inflicting financial injury on the drivers, alleging illegal deductions from their salaries on flimsy excuses.

He noted that the action of the management…

Source: Guardian Newspaper