Understanding Music And Society


 Music from time to time has been known to influence society, making sure that people change in perception and even instructions. Music in Nigeria has continued to offer continuity in their culture. Mainly, people think of music as a form of enjoyment, but many people consume music for different reasons. In this article, we try to look at how music has changed society. It is referred to as Naija music. Below are some of the impacts on society:

Currently, among the youth, music has become a mode of socialization. Through the content that is offered by the artist, it has helped reduce barriers among young people in Nigeria, making it possible for young people to drop their racial lines. Many of the artists’ works are served to all people in the country and out of the country. This has helped to create unity among the people.

In the country, mostly among the youth, drug addictions have become a big challenge. Due to the outcry, the Nigerian drug law enforcement agency has turned to…

Source: Leadership Newspaper