Is it time to take in the culture of letting it go? – Emma Ugolee writes


    Emma Ugolee.
    Do you remember what Jesus Christ was doing by the well when the Samaritan woman from the famous biblical tale came to fetch water? I’ll help you with a reminder.
    He was waiting for his apostles to go get some food for his very hungry stomach.
    Anything strike you as strange yet about the scenario? I’ll help you with a pointer.
    This was the same man who used his supernatural powers to miraculously pull fishes into the nets of fishermen having a bad fishing day. What am I talking about? Same man used his powers to stop the hunger plaguing over 5,000 men minus women and children.
    If history records these feats of his as real, what was he doing waiting for food to be bought. Why didn’t the same force get put to work to provide some amazing unforgettable Jewish buffet?
    Why sit thirsty by a well waiting to ask a stranger to help you scoop some water when you can order a fountain STAIGHT OUTTA THE WELL into your mouth?
    I’ll help you with the answer.
    It’s for same reason why he would leave his garment and physically run away from mortals he could make vanish. Same reason an apostle saw his “red eye” for using a sword on an assailant
    That really was just his maturity speaking loads in the coolest way. Maturity is the is the essential ingredient for knowing how to let power stay docile while within your reach.
    How many of us have truly come to know the beauty of storing unused power? Nobody seems to be innocent of this guilt these days. Guilty of letting it be known what lies within our capacities.
    For many, brandishing and firing at the admiration or dread of unlookers or victims is the relished source of a daily kick. For other’s it’s in the joy of …Read More

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