Is Goodluck Jonathan on his way back? – Toni Okoroji writes


    COSON chairman, Tony Okoroji.
    Very soon, we will celebrate the one year anniversary of the historic 2015 elections in Nigeria that swept away the presidency of His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan and turned the fearsome PDP behemoth that practically owned Nigeria into a very weak and maybe confused opposition party.
    Forgive me but there are many who still believe that the announcement by Attahiru Jega on April 1, 2015 that Muhammadu Buhari had been elected President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria was just one of those April Fool pranks. They still expect someone to come to them and shout, ‘April fool!’ and assure them that Jonathan still holds sway at Aso Rock and that ‘Mama Pepe’ is still doing her thing. Even though the cup has been presented, the celebration has taken place and the referee has left town, to them, the game is not over. They are in shock.
    In their calculation at the time, there was no way Jonathan was going to lose. How in the world would the smiling GEJ lose with the billions and billions of dollars ‘dasukied’ into the electoral system? Afenifere was dollarized. MASSOB was dollarized. Gani’s OPC was dollarized.
    Nearly all the top pastors in Nigeria were dollarized and they spoke in tongues. The media was so dollarized that my otherwise very professional friends at AIT became more Jonathan than Goodluck. Even Nollywood was very well dollarized.
    I attended one of the dollar parties where the victory was already being celebrated even before the first vote had been cast. My countrymen were practically possessed by the mighty trance of the dollar. They were drunk. There is a reason you are told not to drive while drunk. These guys were driving at full speed drunk like hell.
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