The Thrills and Frills of Christmas II


By Awa Kalu

Continued from last week…

The reader, whether learned or not, should now be able to consider the legal position of the passenger whose intention is to board a bus which is not only in a suspect condition but bears the unusual inscriptions named above. Once he has had a good look at the bus and sees its condition but nevertheless pays the low fare which this category of buses usually command, will he be right to complain if the bus breaks down after just a few kilometers or indeed gets involved in an accident?

The discerning reader by now, must know that there are several angles to this hypothetical passenger’s situation. It is the usual assumption in other jurisdictions that a transporter who puts out his vehicle for a long distance journey warrants that the vehicle which is offered for the journey is in a good condition. However, in this part of the world, you see…

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