Giving telecoms a new job in the age of pandemic


Big Brother: We judge too quickly

By Okoh Aihe

The lizard family enjoys the ignominious homogeneity of lying prostrate on the ground, so it is difficult to say which one has a bellyache. Same would be said of our educational sector apropos technology.

Before COVID-19, there were technology connections going on in as many schools as possible, mostly in secondary and tertiary institutions. It would be assumed then that things were going very well to stem any eventuality and laugh at failure in the face.

Then the wind blew inform of an unexpected pandemic and the backside of the fowl revealed a non-too complimentary picture.

This writer is only fortunate to have a voice through a weekly column. He has wards in the country’s education system, both in public and private schools, from the primary, through secondary, to the tertiary institutions.

He has seen bungled efforts on the part of schools, frenetic attempts to do something new and has also seen docility and acquiescence to failure by government institutions…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper