Why are you withdrawing security men from their posts? –



•Displaced Niger residents ask Military authorities 

•What’s our offence to deserve this neglect?

•Say it’s better to die at home than in the hands of bandits

By Wole Mosadomi

The frequent invasion of some local government areas of Niger state by bandits has become worrisome to the people of the state especially those directly affected. 

Many lives and property worth millions of naira have been lost, several communities  sacked and residents displaced from their ancestral homes. 

And more pathetic is the fact that their houses as well as their foodstuffs and seedlings meant for planting this year have been completely burnt down by the bandits. Even if they go back to their villages today, many of them have nowhere to lay their heads or start a new life. 

The hope of the people who are predominantly farmers have been shattered with their seedlings burnt down as they have nothing with which to start the new farming season.

Most surprising is the fact that the…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

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