What Fela told me — Salvador Sango Oyinbo who sings in Yoruba


By Fred Iwenjora

Salvador Sango (real names Sotiris Papadopoulos) is a Greek born scientist and musician who came to 

Nigeria first to teach at University of Port Harcourt, then to make music and finally to live for over 35 years, making more and more music.

His stay in Nigeria has seen him as HOD Physics department at Uniport and band leader of his own band, a band that has successfully created its own brand of music, an esoteric mix of a fusion of Greeko- euro sound with afro, jazz and latino influences with which he is touring the world.

What is so novel about this is that the band members are all Nigerians and the singles and albums are just numerous including ‘SALVADOR SANGO’, THE ADVICE OF SANGO’, ‘CUANDO SE CAEN LAS MASCARAS’ (WHEN THE MASKS FALL), ‘PRIMITIVE FIRE’, GBADUN ARA E’, a collaboration with Nigerian stars.

He also has 67 videos on Youtube

In this chat, he tells it all to FRED IWENJORA the story of his…

Source: Vanguard Newspaper