Restoring Nigerians’ Hope In Nigeria Across The World


It’s 2023, and singing Veno Marioghe’s ‘Nigeria go survive’ hits differently when one recounts that this song was sung in the 80s. As much as one will agree about the challenges of that period, it will be honest to admit that the situation was not as nebulous as the present.  It never struck us, until now, that what Nigeria and Nigerians need is a restoration of hope which is possible if we borrow a leaf from Kola Abiola, the flag-bearer of the Peoples Redemption Party, who advised that we ‘stop recycling failed politicians’.

Since the inception of democracy in 1999, the battle for the soul of Nigeria has been on the cards with various sections demanding a breakaway because, to them, the Nigerian project is not working. The arguments range from corruption, marginalisation to a lack of unity. If this is not a loss of hope, then we may continue to pretend till these failed politicians bring out the ‘beast’ in the average Nigerian. What many citizens have busied their…

Source: Leadership Newspaper