The EU Election Observer Report: Separating Fact From Fiction


So much has been said and written since the release of the report by the European Union Election Observer Mission. Ordinarily, it won’t be in my place to interrogate the credibility of the process that the European Union Election Observer Mission used for their report on Nigeria’s 2023 election. But it is important that as a participant election observer and as someone who has invested so much in our electoral process, we must take time to educate Nigerians on elections and the electoral process.

We cannot continue to allow public commentators to discuss elections from the perspective of ignorance of the electoral process and the electoral law. Nigeria is one place where people who are ignorant of a particular issue discuss such issues with so much passion and unless such ignorance is corrected by those who have the right information, we may never make progress as a nation.

First, it is important to start by saying that Nigeria has a long history and relationship with the European…

Source: Leadership Newspaper