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There are some really strange places in the world, so we have decided to compile a list of some usual attractions for those who enjoy the unconventional places where rats are worshipped, a lake that its waters can turn animals to stone and an Island full of dolls hanging from trees and buildings covered with cobwebs and insects!

Here is our selection of the most bizarre attractions:

Lake Natron
This is a salt or alkaline lake located in North Ngorongoro district of Arusha Region in Tanzania. The water in this lake is red and hardens everything except the flamingos. With a pH of almost 12, Lake Natron is highly alkaline as the water evaporates quickly. The red colour is due to cyanobacteria that bloom in water.
Lake Natron is actually home to a host of wildlife, perhaps most importantly the hardy flamingos who casually walk in its waters; however part of the reason it’s so popular for the hardy flamingos is that predators can’t survive for very long in its waters thereby making…

Source: Guardian Newspaper